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Meet Our Staff

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Meet our staff

Selecting and developing highly-qualified and enthusiastic educators and administrative staff is our priority

Some of our key educators

Neil Andary Principal

Neil oversees and leads every aspect of the school.

Sue Moir Acting Deputy Principal

Sue is responsible for School Operations and heads the Individual Differences team

Jane Eddy Head of Early Years

Jane is the Head of Early Years which encompasses 3 & 4 Year Old Programs, Prep and Year 1 and is responsible for the wellbeing and educational directions of our early years' programs.

Belinda Klose Head of Curriculum

Belinda is the Head of Curriculum from 3 Year Old through to Year 6. She is responsible for the education direction of the school, ensuring a horizontal and vertical curriculum. Belinda works alongside our classroom teaching staff.

David Colvin Head of Student Initiatives 3 Year Old - Year 6

David is a long-standing member of our teaching team and is also responsible for supporting the staff including their ongoing professional development.

John Watson Head of Art

John is our much-adored Visual Arts teacher and works with all children from Prep to Year 6 during their weekly Art sessions.

Danielle Arcaro Director of Music

Danielle is our talented and innovative Director of Music and is responsible for the classroom music program from 3 & 4 Year Olds through to Year 6. She also oversees our wide range of music ensembles, choirs and performances.

Jessica Close Head of Health, Physical Education and Sport

Jessica is our dedicated "sport guru" and heads up the Health, Physical Education and Sport Department.