Main Campus Redevelopment

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Main Campus Redevelopment

A significant moment in the school’s history creating wonderful benefits for students, families and staff

As a school, our aim is to contribute to all aspects of a child’s development, to prepare them for participation in contemporary Australian society. To meet our aspirations, it is essential that we constantly strive to improve all aspects of school life. We know that the world is changing and that educational and learning environments need to reflect these changes. Schools need to have physical spaces that enable children to learn and grow in new and exciting ways. It is essential, therefore, that we are at the "cutting edge" of future thinking and are creating learning spaces that enable young minds to grow.

We must ensure that all designs for future spaces are developed to maximise learning outcomes, and the care and attention to the individual. As a community, we are very serious about ensuring that we live our Vision, Mission and Values, on a daily basis.

This building project is one such example of how we are putting our vision into action!


Some of the key benefits for students, families and staff are:

Resource Centre - Ground Floor

The Resource Centre will be a vibrant hub with areas for group discussions and project work, as well as quiet reading, meeting rooms and offices for use by both staff and students

Learning Studios

One at lower ground and one on the first floor. Each area caters for a whole year level with three home rooms, adjoining breakout spaces and gathering space for the whole year level.

Visual Arts Centre

New art studio which opens to glazed sculpture courtyard for woodwork and stonework

Science Laboratory

New facility for the school with age-appropriate technical equipment

External Areas
  • Full sized multi-use games area
  • West face of the Memorial Hall to be opened up
  • Green wall with plantings that change with the seasons
  • Display boxes within walls of the Resource Centre to provide changing displays of current areas of exploration – enticement and engagement of children as they move through the School
Environmentally Sustainable Design

North-south orientation of building allows for ideal passive design approach to thermal control

  • Extensive glazing for natural light and ventilation
  • Sunshading to screen summer sun whilst letting winter sun in.
Underground Carpark and Storage Areas
  • 14 underground car spaces for school staff and Parish use at the weekends
  • Maintenance storage spaces
Construction Management Planning

During the works, the safety and comfort of the children, staff and families is our utmost priority.  Some of our teaching and learning spaces and communal areas ahve been relocated.

Construction Timeline

Works commenced in late 2016 and we anticipate completion will be in time for Term 2, 2018.  We also refurbished our Main Reception and office over the Christmas break to make it more welcoming and efficient.  Another discrete project was undertaken to widen the driveway entry to the school before the start of the 2017 academic year.

We are confident that the final result will be an outstanding improvement on our current provisions, enabling us to move forward as a community in facilities that match our aspirational vision.