We Cherish
Discovery & Dreams

As specialist teachers, we know that cherishing is a key part of early education. Within a thoughtful community we support your child by creating an exciting and stimulating environment, full of endless possibilities and dreams. 

Encouraging a responsible approach to study, students make the most of their strengths while studying to improve and pursue excellence. 

It was music that caused the school to open in 1898.  

Our children are encouraged to explore a range of musical activities, catering for all ranges of abilities and tastes. With a wide range of instrumental ensembles and choirs on offer, from bucket bands to string orchestras, ukuleles to wind bands, we make it our mission to find what excites the children’s musical interests and imaginations.

Weekly rehearsals foster skill development, a sense of team work, and creativity, whilst reinforcing the importance of commitment and practice.

From its central role in the opening of the school to its current vibrant presence in school life, fostering the growth of our children’s minds and imaginations has always been at the heart of music at Christ Church Grammar School.