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Tuckshop Menu 2017 (This menu is available Monday, Wednesday & Friday) 

Fresh and Baked  
Toasted Banana Bread (Plain or Butter) $3.90
Fresh Fruit Salad (Small) $3.50
Fresh Fruit Salad (Large) $5.50
Home Baked Cookie  
Mon: Vanilla Choc Chip $3.00
Wed: Orange Sprinkle $3.00
Fri: Double Chocolate $3.00
Today's Baked Muffin  
Mon: Orange Blueberry $3.00
Wed: Apple Cinnamon  $3.00
Fri: Double Chocolate $3.00
Hot Meal & Snacks  
Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli in Marinara Sauce with Cheese $6.00
Homemade Mac' n Cheese  $6.00
Fresh Baked Sausage Roll (Pork & Beef 90gm) $4.00
Hot Dog in a Soft Roll withTomato Sauce $4.00
Little Pies (Beef 60gm) $2.40
Lunch (Sandwiches, Wraps, Rolls - White or Rye Bread - gluten free option available) **Plain or Toasted**  
Vegemite $2.40
Honey $2.40
Kaiser Roll Plain with Butter $2.00
Hard Boiled Egg, Salt 90¢
Cheese** $3.00
Cheese & Tomato** $3.50
Ham & Cheese** $4.00
Ham, Cheese & Avocado $5.50
Egg & Lettuce $4.00
Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato & Cheese  $5.50
Salad Sandwich (Tomato, Lettuce, Carrot, Cucumber, Beetroot) $4.50
Daily Specials  
Mon: Chicken Breast Wrap, Avocado, Swiss Cheese, Iceberg & Lite Mayo $6.80
Wed: Tandoori Chicken Roti Wrap, Mixed Leaves, Tomato, Cucumber & Minted Yoghurt $6.80
 Fri: Homemade Lean Beef Slider on Brioche Roll w/-Mixed Leaves, Cheddar & Tomato Chutney $6.80
Mon: Greek Salad  
Wed: Roasted Vegetable & Cous Cous (Small) $3.50
Fri: Baby Spinach, Bacon, Tomato & Parmesan (Large) $6.00
Up & Go 250ml (Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate) $2.60
Oak Lite Milk Small 300ml (Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana) $2.80
Spring water $2.50
Plain Milk Small 300ml $1.60
Noah's Juices $3.80
Popcorn (Lightly Salted) $1.20
Rice Crackers (6) + Dip $1.50
Fresh Vegetable Crudités & Dip $2.50
Sushi Roll (Teriyaki Chicken, Tuna & Mayo, Cucumber, Pineapple & Cream Cheese $3.20
Vegetarian Rice Paper Roll (Friday Only) $3.90
Jelly Fruit Cups or Plain Jelly $1.50

All Prices incl GST.

*** If you have forgotten to place an order please call the school before 9.30am 

***  Payments can be made by: Cash (Please see our Tuck Shop manager) or EFT 

Please Note:  You can open an account with Cater Care Australia (please see  our Tuck Shop Manager).  Account must be in credit with $50.00 to be activated & must remain in credit to be used. Sufficient funds must be maintained in the account for any orders to be placed. Payments can be made by direct deposit to our account as follows.  (please note when paying by EFT you must include your family name followed by CCGS, i.e. Brown family CCGS):   National Australia Bank, Parramatta   BSB No: 082 330   Account No:  479 450 707 ABN & GST Registration No:  88 090 462 570  Credit remaining at the end of each term will be automatically transferred to the next term unless otherwise notified