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Fresh and Baked  
Banana bread (GF) (plain or butter) $4.00
Freshly baked raspberry and white chocolate muffin $3.60
Freshly baked apple and cinnamon muffin $3.60
Home baked vanilla choc chip cookies $3.10
Fresh fruit salad $3.60
Hot Meals and Snacks  
Spinach and ricotta ravioli with Napoli sauce and shaved parmesan $6.20
Beef lasagna  $6.20
Baked potato with smashed avocado, light sour cream and tomato salsa (GF) $5.15
Baked potato with light sour cream and grated cheddar cheese $4.65
Nachos $4.65
Jelly cups plain jelly $1.55
Lemonade icy pole $1.60
Frosty Fruits natural tropical $2.15
Chocolate or strawberry mousse (GF) $1.80
Natural juice icy pole $1.20
Proud & Punch, Orange Your Glad or Dr Green $3.00
Sandwiches, Wraps, Rolls   
Choose your bread - rye, white bread, damper roll, tortilla wrap, gluten free  
Choice of fillings - poached chicken breast, tandoori  chicken, shaved leg ham, tuna, egg  
Standard fillings - tomato, cucumber, beetroot, gourmet mix, spinach, grated carrot, pineapple, cheddar cheese  
Gourmet fillings - avocado, olives, bocconcini  
Condiments - vegemite, honey, whole egg mayonnaise, tomato chutney, aioli  
Vegemite or honey sandwich $2.45
Basic sandwich - one filling (no protein) $3.10
One filling (protein) sandwich $5.15
Salad sandwich - three fillings $5.15
Additional protein filling $1.55
Additional standard filling $0.85
Gourmet fillings $2.05
Coconut Water $4.10
Orange Juice $4.10
Apple Juice $4.10
Lite milk, small (chocolate, strawberry) 300ml $2.80
Popcorn (lightly salted) $1.25
Fresh vege sticks with tzatziki dip $2.60
Spring rolls (two) $2.00
Mango chips  $2.20
Strawberry chips $2.20
Grain Waves sour cream & chive $1.80
Tasty cheese & crackers $3.50
Hot Snacks  
Homemade lean beef burger on a damper bun with mixed leaves cheddar and tomato chutney (GF available) $7.00
Homemade pizza topped with shaved ham, tomato and bocconcini $5.15
Panko crumbed chicken tenders (2) served with aioli (additional tender - $2.00) $4.65
Fresh baked sausage roll (pork and beef 90gm) $4.10
Hot dog in a soft roll with tomato sauce $4.10
Little pies twin pack (beef 60gm) $2.90
Prawn gyoza Japanese dumplings (3) $3.60
Chicken dumpling (3) $3.60
Spinach and ricotta pastizzi $2.80

All prices include GST

  • If you have forgotten to place an order, please call Reception on 9866 3540 before 9.30am
  • Payments can be made by cash (please see our Tuckshop manager) or EFT


You can open an account with Cater Care Australia (please see our Tuckshop Manager):

  • Account must be in credit with $50.00 to be activated and must remain in credit to be used
  • Sufficient funds must be maintained in the account for any orders to be placed
  • Credit remaining at the end of each term will be automatically transferred to the next term unless otherwise notified
  • Payments can be made by direct deposit as follows (please note when paying by EFT you must include your family name followed by CCGS, ie Brown family CCGS)
    • National Australia Bank Parramatta, BSB: 082 330, Account: 479 450 707, ABN: 88 090 462 570