Our scholarships program

The Christ Church Grammar School Scholarship Program aims to recognise and support students in their pursuit of excellence.

Those students awarded scholarships will be of exemplary character and share the values of our school community. They will exhibit qualities such as integrity, leadership, initiative, care and compassion for others, and personal responsibility.

A scholarship entitles the recipient to a partial remission of tuition fees only and does not cover textbooks, uniforms or excursions.

Academic Scholarships

We offer Academic Scholarships to students in Year 3, for entry into Year 4 and in Year 4, for entry into Year 5.

Students must achieve excellent academic performance in our annual Academic Scholarship examination.

Each scholarship is awarded based on the above and is subject to:

  • Exemplary conduct
  • Consistently high academic performance
  • Excellent work ethic

Following the examination, students shortlisted for scholarship offers will be asked to attend an interview with the Principal. Following the interview, a final decision will be made and all interviewees advised of that decision

Applications for 2019 Academic Scholarships have now closed.

Scholarship Duration
  • Scholarships awarded in Year 3 for Year 4 will continue until the completion of Year 6
  • Scholarships awarded in Year 4 for Year 5 will continue until the completion of Year 6
  • All scholarships are reviewed annually and students must maintain the results expected of a scholarship recipient. Any scholarship recipient whose review has been unsatisfactory may have their scholarship withdrawn
Scholarship Terms and Conditions
  • At any given time, a student may only be the recipient of one Christ Church Grammar School scholarship or bursary
  • Only one scholarship may be awarded per family, unless endorsed by the Principal
  • The number of scholarships awarded each year will vary at the discretion of the Principal
  • Academic Scholarship applications will incur a non-refundable $150 application fee
  • All other scholarship applications will incur a non-refundable $150 application fee (waived for current Christ Church Grammar School students and children and grandchildren of Christ Church Grammar alumni)
  • All applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their scholarship application
  • Families with overdue Christ Church Grammar School fees/levies (current and previous) will be ineligible to receive a scholarship
  • Current families with unpaid Christ Church Grammar School fees or levies in the current year may have the scholarship withdrawn unless unpaid fees are paid by the end of the relevant term
  • All scholarships are granted or withdrawn at the discretion of the Principal
  • All scholarship decisions are final