Excerpts from 2017 Speech Day address

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2017 Speech Day

Excerpts from 2017 Speech Day address

2017 has been a year for progress, reflection and action.  We have enjoyed the opportunity to reflect and refine our practice as educators; the opportunity to further grow and enhance our community and the scope to explore change and press ahead with new and exciting initiatives.  Over the course of the year, we have focused on developing a clear understanding of who we are and our point of difference.

When our great school was founded in 1898, it was at a time when feelings of optimism were strong in people's vision of the future. Christ Church Grammar School was part of this vision. It was to be established as a choral school for boys, and the church would provide an education in return for choral duty. The school’s vision would be to deliver the best possible education for each child entrusted to its care.

The School Prayer, which speaks of service, of giving and not counting the cost; of toiling and not seeking for rest, was to resonate through all that we would do.  A school mission was written to describe the Christ Church Grammar school experience and our crest was designed to define our Christian heritage and our quest for knowledge and truth.

This year, we have looked closely at our vision, mission and values statements and refreshed them in order to ensure that we can truly support the vision of our founders as we move forward. As a community, we are clear about who we are and the opportunities we seek to provide for our students.

Whilst acknowledging and holding dear to our past...the reality is that schools such as ours must continue to evolve in order to stay at the forefront of education and more importantly, to ensure we offer contemporary, relevant and meaningful educational and cocurricular experiences for our students, as our founders so clearly set out to do.

Let us look towards our next one hundred and twenty years with a fire in our bellies, as we live our founders’ dreams. Let us be assured that Christ Church Grammar is not merely an excellent school, but also a strong, committed and united community. Let us know that we are a community who cherish individuals; that respects and values difference. A community that models respect, embraces global mindedness, loves each child and inspires excellence. We will nurture and inspire thinkers, and enable future leaders and humans capable of making a profound difference in our world. A school that strives to raise up all within its community, so mountains can be climbed; a school that thrives on encouragement, a positive sense of the future and deep seated levels of trust. Let us know who we are, what we offer and hold it dear.

It is a privilege and an absolute joy to lead this community forward.

Chrissy Gamble, Principal

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