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Music plays an important part in every child’s life at Christ Church Grammar

Child-focused classroom music, instrumental and choral programs provide all students with the opportunities to experience the joys and benefits of creating, singing, playing and listening to quality music.

Individual instrumental tuition is offered to all children, from those who just want to "have a go" to those with considerable skills who aspire to excel.  Whether their passion be strings, woodwind, brass, piano, percussion, voice or guitar, students are provided appropriate opportunities, expert instruction and sensitive guidance. Complementing this, the school provides a vibrant cocurricular ensemble and choral program with a range of groups to engage and extend the students’ musical learning.

Performance is an integral part of our music programs with children of all abilities given many opportunities throughout the year to perform in a positive, supportive environment.

Music is all-inclusive, joyous and child-centred, with a place for every child.

Classroom Music

With a creative, child-centred focus, the classroom music program provides a range of listening, singing and instrumental activities based in the Orff-Schulwerk and Kodaly approaches to music education. Students learn the musical skills, knowledge and techniques to give voice to their creativity.

Instrumental Music Programs

Classroom music is enhanced by group instrumental classes in which students explore key instrumental groups, gaining elementary technical skills, building confidence and learning a range of repertoire for performance.  In the Year 2 String Program, students learn the violin, viola or cello in small groups. In Year 3 students are offered a choice of instrument. Recorder groups provide students with the skills of playing a wind instrument whilst focussing on note reading. For those learning a string instrument privately, a string workshop group is provided to extend and support individual learning. In the Year 4 Woodwind Program students are introduced to the clarinet and flute within small group classes. All instrumental programs are supported by our elective ensemble program, with clear pathways provided and a lot of enthusiastic encouragement to extend their learning with the marvellous experience of making music with peers.

Choral Music

We are a school that sings, with all students from Years 2 to 5 participating in weekly choir sessions which allow them to build their vocal skills whilst experiencing the joys of singing collaboratively in a large group and making beautiful music. These choirs feed into three elective choirs, providing the children with further opportunities to sing and perform music from a wide range of genres.

Private Instrumental Tuition

 Learning to play an instrument is strongly encouraged with private lessons available in a wide range of instruments including violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, percussion and voice. Individualised lessons are provided by expert music staff with a rich range of skills as teachers and musicians.

Ensemble Music

All students from Year 2 onwards are urged to join one of the many musical ensembles on offer. From those which are open to all, to those which require a set level of instrumental competency, ensembles provide students with enriching, musically invigorating experiences. Students develop both musical and social cohesiveness, as well as a sense of musical purpose and achievement.

Ensembles on offer include:

  • Stringlets
  • Super Strings
  • Band
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • The Ukustra (ukulele ensemble)
  • Drum Attack (percussion ensemble)
  • Marimba Ensemble
  • Junior Choir
  • Senior Choir
  • Chapel Choir

Each year students are offered a diverse and joyful range of performance opportunities from our regular after school soirees, to performances in assembly, within class, in Chapel Services, as part of whole school events such as LOTE Day and the Art Show, at our Hunter Fry Solo Competition, our Music Alive showcase, and in the many spontaneous performances that periodically occur around the school.

Daryl Braithwaite Music Scholasrhip

The Daryl Braithwaite Music Scholarship is an annual scholarship awarded to a child with exceptional Music and talent. Daryl attended Christ Church Grammar and is delighted that this scholasrhip is named after him.

Find out more about the school's scholarship program here or by contacting the Registrar or by calling 8533 7911.