Scholarships for girls 2022 | Christ Church Grammar School

Scholarships for girls 2022

Scholarships for girls
from Year 1 for 2022

Up to 50% Off. Limited places available.

We are offering for New Students only Academic/General Excellence scholarships for girls which will be awarded based on a formal testing process and interview.
A scholarship entitles the recipient to a partial [up to 50%] remission of tuition fees (based on the Principals discretion) only and does not cover textbooks, uniforms, music lessons, co-curricular activities, camps or excursions.
Why choose Christ Church Grammar? 
We are specialists in the formative years of education, where a child’s academic foundation and attitude to learning and their views of themselves as a capable learner are formed and nurtured. Our students go on to become an asset to themselves, their families, our shared community and to our world.  We are progressive educators underpinned by traditional values. 
Register today. Limited number of schoalrships on offer for 2022. New students only to apply.
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