Strategic plan

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Strategic Plan

Strategic direction 2015 – 2018   

Our Strategic Theme and Goals

Learning and Achievement

Goal: To maintain our reputation as a school known for expert teaching and excellent academic standards.  

Achievement: Achieved by investing in ongoing staff development to ensure that they have knowledge of, and the capacity to apply, the latest research in how children learn most effectively; ensuring that we aim to exceed the standards and objectives set out in the National Australian Curriculum; further developing our STEM program and supporting all teaching and learning with technology that is relevant, streamlined and up to date. 

Engagement and Wellbeing

Goal: To have children that are fully engaged and connected to Christ Church Grammar School, their peers and the wider school community.

Achievement: Achieved by ensuring that families at Christ Church Grammar School experience excellent levels of targeted communication, the school’s cocurricular program is further developed and that school policy relating to our community wellbeing is refined. Introducing new teaching methodologies that target individual needs and provide for whole-school approaches to student engagement.

Student Pathways and Transitions

Goal: To build on our growing enrolments and provide targeted programs aimed at supporting children as they transition through the school.

Achievement: Achieved by further refining the transition and pathway programs for managing children into and throughout the school.  Ensuring that the transition away from Christ Church Grammar School occurs in an open and transparent way through positive relationships with key personnel in secondary schools while also providing for greater optionality.

Communication and Marketing 

Goal: To ensure that Christ Church Grammar School is recognised as synonymous with educational excellence and outstanding pastoral care. 

Achievement: Achieved by the school’s commitment to a targeted marketing strategy and communication/advertising program that is linked to the ethos of cherishing families along with a rigorous approach to academic achievement.

Campus Development 

Goal: To ensure that the most appropriate and sustainable facilities are available to create the best physical environment for children to explore and develop their learning experiences.

Achievement: Achieved by developing, endorsing and implementing a Masterplan that addresses the core needs of our school and provides the optimum conditions for a safe and engaging environment for our school community.

Governance and Business Functions

Goal: To ensure that Christ Church Grammar School operates on all levels as a school with governance structures and practices that support and reinforce the school's vision, its mission and its strategic endeavours.

Achievement: Achieved by reviewing policy and practice at Board and Committee level, ensuring adequate financial structures are in place to meet the needs of the Masterplan and ensuring that the school remains a competitive and attractive proposition for new and existing families.