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Strategic plan

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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022   

Following extensive consultation between the School Board and senior leadership of the school, the new Strategic Plan 2018-2022 has been approved. It is closely aligned to our new Purpose, Vison, Mission, Values and Behaviours statements.

To download a copy of our Strategic Plan 2018-2022click here

The key themes and goals for the Strategic Plan are shown below.

Learning and Achievement


Christ Church Grammar School celebrates its reputation for expert teaching and excellent academic standards.

The school shows ongoing improvements in student outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy.

Technology is relevant, streamlined and up-to-date to support the global and modern skills based curriculum, following the objectives laid out in the Australian Curriculum.

Engagement and Wellbeing


Students, staff and families at Christ Church Grammar School are fully engaged and connected to the school, their peers and the wider school community.

Student Pathways and Transitions


Christ Church Grammar School enjoys excellent transitions into, through and beyond the school.

Transition away from the school at the end of Year 6 occurs in an open and transparent way.

The school enjoys positive relationships with principals of secondary schools, promoting optionality as students move from the school at the end of Year 6.

Student retention through the school is strong.

Communication and Marketing 


To ensure that Christ Church Grammar School is recognised as synonymous with educational excellence and outstanding pastoral care.  The school’s commitment to families ensures that student numbers are maintained at levels that enable the school’s ongoing success.

Families at Christ Church Grammar School experience excellent levels of targeted communication through up-to-date technologies and data management.

Campus Development 


To ensure the most appropriate and sustainable facilities are available to create the best physical environment for children to explore and develop their learning experiences.

Governance and Business Functions


To ensure that Christ Church Grammar School operates on all levels as a school with governance structures and practices that support and reinforce its vision, mission and strategic endeavours.